What To Expect

EXPECT TO FIT IN – It is our goal at NCC for everyone to feel welcome, accepted, and loved. We do not put emphasis on what we wear, so come in what you feel comfortable wearing – from jeans and a t-shirt to a suit and tie. We have a mixture of styles represented and all are welcome.

EXPECT TO WORSHIP – It is our goal at NCC to produce an atmosphere that is conducive to worship. We try not to make our services about routine and ritual, but about coming together in God’s presence and letting Him take the lead.

EXPECT TO UNDERSTAND – It is our goal at NCC to speak your language and to communicate the Word in a way that is relevant and applicable to your life.

EXPECT YOUR KIDS TO BE MINISTERED TO – It is our goal at NCC to minister to children. We believe in providing a safe, fun, and educating experience for children of all ages. From infants to teens, we strive to have something for everyone.

EXPECT TO LEAVE FULL – It is our goal at NCC to help fill your life with awesome things. From our coffee and refreshment station, to our worship experience and discipleship ministries, we hope you will leave full of great things.